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Welcome to the official website of the UWL
Pre-Physician Assistant Club!  

The Pre-PA Club is run by and for UW-L undergraduate students who are interested in finding out more about the PA profession in health care, enhancing their likelihood of admission to a PA program, and selecting courses, jobs, and volunteer activities that will prepare them for success.

Member of the Month 23/24


Can I ask questions during the meetings?

We ENCOURAGE you to raise your hand and stop us at any time during the meeting

What is the point of MyOrgs?

The University requires campus organizations to post ALL events onto MyOrgs before they can be held. The Pre-PA Club will utilize MyOrgs for posting events, but in order to reserve your spot it must be done through our own website 

What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are somewhat of a simpler version of our meeting written into a document

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